In response to the severe impact posed by COVID-19 on the global economy, the rise of new and intelligent business models, as well as how enterprises respond to the changes of the times and flexibly apply smart technology to facilitate their profitability, has become a necessity for Taiwanese enterprises.
The Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has organized the "2021 Smart Business Forum and Results Presentation" event to exhibit the innovative business achievements in logistics and retailing in the past year, with the aim of promoting cooperation and exchange among all sectors to further expand their applications.
【Event Description】
The smart business and logistics-related projects participating in this event include the "Smart Circulation Services Promotion Project," "Virtual Business Application Services Promotion Project," "Temperature-Controlled Logistics Services Development Project," "E-Commerce Channel Logistics Services Promotion Project," "Improvement and Upgrade of Logistics Industry IoT Information Security Project," and the "Business Services Digital Transformation Leadership Incubation Project”.
Through keynote speeches and case presentations, the results of the above six projects will be shared with experts from industry and academia during this event to explore business opportunities. Through 3D displays under the themes of "Smart Retail" and "Smart Logistics", the results of the collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and retail and logistics operators in applying smart technologies such as AIoT, 5G, and AR/VR will be showcased. This year, the aforementioned project has contributed to the improvement and upgrading of services and technology applications for more than 37 companies, driving revenue from retail and logistics services in excess of NT$1 billion.
【Event Plan】
During the morning of the event, keynote speakers, including Mr. Wei-Kuo Chien, Head of the Family Convenience Store Group, Mr. Ying-Chien Rang, Senior Vice President of Ally Logistic Property, and Mr. Chi-Chiang Cheng, Vice President of Accupass, are invited to share their core insights and real-life examples regarding the digital transformation of retail and logistics services. The participants will be able to follow the industry leaders to master the strategic applications of smart retail, smart logistics and data-driven services.
In the breakout sessions, three major topics are planned, including: new trends in logistics, new services in circulation services, and new foundations in industry. Representatives from ITRI's Service System Technology Center, ITRI's Industrial College, and companies such as He Ching Wei Technology, Kerry TJ Logistics, Scanwell Logistics, Familynet, Hsin Tung Yang, and Mentor hair will share their innovative ideas and responses under the impact of the pandemic and technological changes.
This event features an interactive online forum and three-dimensional exhibit, which enables visitors to browse through the event on their computers, cell phones or tablets while learning about the application of smart technology in the logistics and retail sectors in Taiwan. In addition, the Ministry of Economic Affairs aims to further collaborate with more industry partners to move forward in the development of smart technology and create business opportunities across the global market through this exhibition.
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